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Unique features of DIPS Academy

Faculty pool: Our pool of faculty is much differs from all other institutes. Our Faculty members are alumni of IITs, IISC Bangalore, ISI Kolkata, TIFR, Delhi University and JNU etc. Separate sessions for doubt clearing: Dips Academy conduct weekly test for their regular students. These tests cover the topics which are taught in the respective week. After the test, we organize doubt clearing sessions. Students can take the benefits of these sessions for building the concept, clearing their doubt related to that topic and also got the solution of exams. Feedback form for student:There is a unique activity which is being followed on a periodic basis. During this activity feedback form are delivered among student. Student can rate our faculty member accordingly with the help of this form, which help us to improve our self as per the convenience of students, that’s why DIPS Academy is so much popular among the student. Here at DIPS Academy students comes on first priority.

Use of Advance Information Technology to spread the education

Dips Academy also changes the teaching methodology with the use of ADVANCE Information Technology for the benefit for students under the guidance of Mathematics Mentor Mr. Rajendra Dubey by using all possible means or way for the students. Few of them are: OMR SOLUTION: Here at DIPS Academy, data are collected from the student in the form of OMR Sheets. Then, with the help of this OMR Sheet, data will be updated in the advance software and thus as a result, it provides the highest level of accuracy in delivering the result to the students, updates relevant to the students (such as commencement of classes, schedule of the exams, topic covered in the schedule class etc.) and information which is useful to the students (such as information about exams, admit card and etc.). Our advanced software is designed as per the same standard, which is used by CSIR in their Labs. Due to this the students of our Academy become habitual in filling the OMR sheet of CSIR Exams.��������������������������…